Jade is one of two gemstones, nephrite jade or jadeite jade.

Nephrite jade, (a silicate of calcium and magnesium), is the historical Chinese Jade, or Stone of Heaven, a stone revered by the Chinese for more than 5000 years. Nephrite is prized for its special qualities: its extreme toughness, (the toughest of any natural stone), its alluring translucency and a smooth polished feel.

Colors of Nephrite Jade range from pure white to all shades of green. All of the products from the Jade Mine are 100% pure, Nephrite Jade. No artificial coloring, dyes, or any treatment to enhance the color are done to the Jade Mine's Jade. GUARANTEED.

Jadeite Jade: (silicate of sodium and aluminum) A relatively new jade introduced to China from Burma in 1784. Gem quality Jadeite is extremely rare and thus extremely expensive. Often mislabeled as "Chinese jade," (it was never found in China), jadeite is slightly harder than nephrite jade.

Colors of jadeite range from white to black with intense greens and lavender being the most sought after.

Jadeite is often color enhanced and expert advice should be sought when investing in jadeite jewelry.

Nephrite jade is graded by its natural quality. Our highest quality is AA followed by A, we save this quality of jade for our jewelry, bangles and beads. Occasionally we find AA and A grade in our carvings as well. The next grade is B grade which we use for our specialty items and carvings. The lowest quality of our jade is C grade which we usually leave in the mountain.

Nephrite Jade is an extremely tough material to work. Nephrite Jade is fibrous in structure, similar to a handful of human hair. Due to this fibrous structure it cannot be cut with chisels, it has to be ground using very hard sharp abrasives, Diamonds. All of the saw blades we use have diamond imbedded in a soft matrix. This allows the soft matrix to slowly wear away exposing new diamond. It is the hardness of the Diamond particles being dragged over the softer Jade, that does the cutting.

Yes, the Jade Mine offers a special sample package of jades weighing more than 1 pound for a special web price of $50.00. You can purchase online , email us at info@jademinecanada.com , and contact us by telephone, or mail.

Yes, the Jade Mine does supply dealers. If you would like to sell our Jade Products, you can register online , email us at info@jademinecanada.com , and contact us by telephone, or mail.

One-of-a-kind sculptures are made by a few recognized sculptors in Vancouver, Canada. The animal and collectible carvings are hand made by carvers in Asia. Each one is individually designed and sculpted. No two are exactly alike.

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