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    An assortment of beautiful Nephrite Jade Bangles, carved out of Nephrite Jade from different locations around the world Canadian Jade, Siberian Jade and Australian Jade.

    The Canadian Bangles will be from either one of the different mines in British Columbia - Polar Mine, Kutcho Mine, Ogden Mine, and the Cassiar Mine

    33 products
    Canadian Jade Bangle Round, (various sizes)
    Canadian Jade Bead Bracelets
    Mala Bracelets
    Mala Bracelets
    from $43.98
    Round Jade Bangle, Special
    Round Jade Bangles, Satin Finish (multiple sizes available)
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    Macrame Men's Bracelet
    Canadian Jade Bead Bracelet 8mm
    8mm Bead Bracelet with Canadian and Australian Jade
    Satin Finish Nephrite Jade Bead Bracelet
    Satin Finish Bead Bracelet
    from $25.98
    Bracelet 2243-01
    Child Size Jade Bangle, 45mm
    Canadian Jade Bracelet
    Jade Bracelet, 2206
    A Grade Wide Bangle, 56 x 34mm*
    A Grade Wide Bangle, 58 x 30mm*
    Sold Out
    Ogden Jade Bangle, 62 x 18.5mm* Sold as is
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    A Grade Ogden Jade Bangle, 56 x 15.5mm* Sold as is
    Cassiar Jade Bangle, 62.8 x 26.5mm*
    Bracelet, 2810-1
    Black Nephrite Jade Cuff Bangle*
    A+ Polar Jade Cuff Bangle 64 mm*
    Sale price $1,000.00 Regular price $1,400.00 Save $400
    AA Siberian Bangle, 53.5 x 24.5mm
    A+ Canadian Jade Bangle, 60 x 14mm
    A+ Canadian Jade Bangle, 60x16mm *
    AA Siberian 14mm Bead Bracelet*
    Sterling Silver Bracelet, 6181
    A Grade Canadian Jade Bangle, 59 x 9mm*
    AA Siberian Jade Bangle, 65 x 12mm*
    Sale price $2,500.00 Regular price $3,000.00 Save $500
    Jade Cuff, 63x14mm
    AA Cassiar Jade Bangle, 57 x 25mm*
    A Grade Cassiar Jade Bangle, 54.2 x 26.5mm*
    Canadian Jade Bangle
    Jade Bangle
    A Grade Bangle, 58 x 19mm
    A Grade Cassiar Jade Bangle, Extra Wide 61 x 40.75mm
    Jade Bangle, 58 x 12mm
    A Grade Bangle, 58 x 18mm*
    A Grade Canadian Jade Bangle, 58x18mm

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