Jade Beads

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    All of our beads are 100% Natural Nephrite Jade
    73 products
    Mala Bracelets
    from $49.98
    Jade Bead, 12x8mm (sold individually)
    from $12.98
    1.5oz Bag of assorted 3-4mm Canadian Jade Beads
    4mm Unstrung A Grade Nephrite Jade Beads, 16"
    Bag of 10 - 6mm Canadian Jade Beads with a large hole
    8mm A Grade Canadian Unstrung Beads, 16"
    A Grade 12mm Canadian Jade Bead - Sold Individually
    A+ Half Drilled 10mm Canadian Jade Beads
    from $9.00
    6mm Unstrung Beads, 16"
    Jade Happy Buddha Face, 23mm (sold individually)
    108 Bead Necklace, 8mm
    Sold Out
    Jade Rosary Beads
    8mm Canadian Jade Beads with a large hole (Sold Individually or as a set of 10)
    from $4.00
    A Grade 10mm Canadian Jade Bead Guru Bead and 3 hole bead - Sold as a Set or Individually
    from $5.00
    6mm Canadian Jade Strung Beads
    A Grade Canadian Jade Undrilled 11mm Beads/Marbles
    from $4.00
    A Grade 12mm Siberian Jade Bead - Sold Individually
    Canadian Nephrite Green Jade Drop - 2.25" - Sold Individually
    4mm Unstrung Nephrite Jade Beads, 16"
    Canadian Jade Half Drilled 6mm beads - 0.5oz Bag or individually
    from $1.50
    Nephrite Jade Triangle Beads - 15"
    Sale price $35.00 Regular price $40.00 Save $5
    AA Faceted Siberian Bead, 12x15mm
    Rich Green Carved Jade Bead, 22mm
    Unstrung 10mm Beads, B+ Grade
    Unstrung 10mm Beads
    Jade Bead 14*7.5mm
    8mm A+ Grade Canadian Unstrung Beads, 16"
    8mm Canadian Nephrite Jade Beads, made and strung in the 70s - Final Sale
    Nephrite Jade Beads -6x4mm - 16"*
    16mm Canadian Unstrung Beads*
    Siberian Abacus Unstrung Beads, 18"
    Siberian Jade Barrel Beads 24" unstrung graduated strand
    A+ Half Drilled 8mm Canadian Jade Beads
    from $6.00
    High Quality Jade Barrel Bead, Assorted Sizes
    from $59.98
    10mm x 12mm Faceted Jade Bead - Sold Individually
    from $31.98
    12mm x 15mm Bead - Sold Individually
    from $29.98
    AA Grade 14mm Siberian Jade Bead - Sold Individually
    Dark Green A Grade 18mm Siberian Jade Bead - Sold Individually
    AA+ Siberian 7mm Unstrung Beads*
    Sold Out
    AA Siberian Nephrite Jade Unstrung Beads*
    Siberian Jade Washer Shape Beads, 16"*

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