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    Our earrings are beautifully crafted using our finest Nephrite Jade, Vermeil and Sterling Silver.
    Vermeil is a combination of precious metals. The inside core is pure Sterling Silver covered in a solid coating of 18 karat Gold. This creates long lasting jewelry that feels and looks like pure Gold, but at the cost of Sterling Silver. New styles available in Surgical Steel! 
    59 products
    Vintage Jade Infinity Hoop Earrings
    Vintage Jade 14K Gold Drop Earrings
    from $99.98
    Vintage Jade Rectangle Drop Earrings - 25mm
    from $59.98
    Jade Shamrock Stud Earrings
    Vintage Jade Shamrock Earrings
    from $59.98
    Canadian Jade Ear Climbers Earrings On Sterling Silver
    from $103.98
    Thin Nephrite Jade Earrings
    from $59.98
    Canadian Jade Drop Bead Earrings, 13mm
    from $69.98
    Canadian Jade Earrings, JN3
    from $71.98
    Canadian Jade Drop Earrings, Set on 18k hooks
    Canadian Jade Earrings, Set in Stainless 0434
    from $55.98
    Sold Out
    18k Heart Jade Stud Earrings
    AA Jade Earrings, #565
    from $89.98 Regular price $119.98 Save $30
    Australian Black Jade Earrings, 2417
    from $39.98
    Earrings, EH0579-1
    Earrings, 0579-1
    from $103.98
    Earrings, Dragonfly 2284 Sale
    Earrings, Dragonfly 2284 Sale
    Dark Green Dragonfly, 2284
    from $51.98
    Earrings, Butterfly
    Earrings, Butterfly
    Earrings, Butterfly
    from $75.98
    Earrings, 0246
    from $93.98
    Solid Jade Cone Earrings, 2406
    from $109.98
    Jade Earrings, 24.5mm Round
    from $97.98

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